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About the Fund


The Green Tech Fund (GTF) was established in 2020 to provide better and more focused funding support to research and development projects which can help Hong Kong decarbonise and enhance environmental protection. A total of $400 million has been allocated to the GTF.

The GTF has four features:

  1. Clear themes – priority will be given to projects in four areas (Namely Net-zero Electricity Generation, Energy Saving and Green Buildings, Green Transport and Waste Reduction);
  2. User friendly – each project may last up to five years, with funding up to $30 million;
  3. Wide range of beneficiaries – apart from designated local public research institutes and R&D centres, local companies can also apply ;
  4. Emphasis on practical application – this online platform will share and promote project outcomes to encourage further development and practical application.

The GTF has the following objectives to expedite low-carbon transformation and enhance environmental protection –

  1. to encourage and support projects with greater prospect of realisation and commercialisation of decarbonisation and green technologies that can expedite low-carbon transformation and enhance environmental protection in Hong Kong;
  2. to facilitate the development, trial and fine-tuning of decarbonisation and green technologies, to build up ‘reference’ for subsequent marketing, and to encourage wider adoption of such technologies; and
  3. to motivate and attract more investment in R&D on decarbonisation and green technologies in Hong Kong.

GTF is open for application from the following organisations:

Funding Amount and Duration

The funding amount and project duration supported by the GTF are as follows.

Designated local public research institute or R&D Centre

Local Companies

Funding per project

HK$2.5 million – HK$30 million

HK$2.5 million – HK$20 million
on a matching basis
(Applicants shall contribute at least one-third of the total project cost)

Maximum Project Duration

5 years

3 years


The application deadline for the current round of application is 20 March 2024. Please read the Guide to Applicantspdf and Notes for Auditorspdf carefully before submitting an application.


The FAQs below are for reference only. For details, please refer to the Guide to Applicants or project agreement.

1. General
2. Application preparation
3. Application submission
4. Application assessment
5. Approved applications
6. Budget
7. Benefit sharing
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